David Adkins, (the short version) the author, panelist, and entertainer

My name is David Adkins, author of The Sons of Solistar series, and guest panelist at conventions up and down the East Coast.

The next book series to be released is And We Were Gods, which has a dead line of June 20th.

The conventions that I host, are filled with panels ranging from Detective Conan Murder Mystery panels, Chaos Against Humanity, Make the Game/Be the Game, Ultimate Showdown, Are You a Nerd?, and more panels that are always changing.

In every convention that I go, I try my best to bring a smile, a laugh, and a lot of sarcasm that seems to make so many feel like they want to know me, and I have a following across the East Coast.

With the new releases of my books, autograph signing is becoming more of a need, and the fame has gotten me out of my comfort zone, but the rewards are more than monetary.

To follow my adventures, please like my pages.



For a list of books, art, collector’s memorabilia, please check out our store here:



If you are wanting information on having me at your convention, or if you want to know more about the opportunities we are looking for in animators, artists, and other, please feel free to contact us at david.e.adkins.nc@gmail.com

Book signing scheduled for May 23rd at Thomasville, NC

Book signing scheduled for May 23rd at Thomasville, NC



About David Adkins

As a public figure, I see the issue that people complain about with privacy, but I am one of the exceptions to that rule. My life is a open book that I am the author of. Check out my store here:http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/david_e_adkins and for a list of my videos, please note that I am not the one recording them. You can find me almost anywhere that has me as a guest or panelist. Here are a few other places you may find me: https://www.facebook.com/david.adkins.526 https://twitter.com/andweweregods
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